Stadium Design – Milwaukee, USA

Stadium Design – Milwaukee, USA

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Project Description

The construction of a uniquely designed stadium has provided significant long-term investment for the greater Milwaukee region. Getting the project completed on-budget meant looking at every cost alternative. Upon the recommendation of geotechnical engineers, the design and implementation of a test pile program was recommended to determine the most cost-effective deep foundation pile system. For testing, two types were selected: both the straight, parallel-sided steel piping, and the uniformly-tapered steel piles. The results showed that the mono-tapered pile was the most economical choice for our project.

Geotechnical Ground Conditions

Examining the results on an installed cost-per-ton basis showed that the Mono pile achieved a 400-ton ultimate capacity at the 77-ft. range. The pipe, by comparison, required an embedment of over 100ft to obtain an ultimate capacity of 300-tons. Using conventional equipment, the Mono piles required significantly less time and hammer blows to penetrate to the stipulated design depth, thus achieving outlined capacity, and at much shorter embedment depths.
Importantly, it was also recognized that by investing a relatively small amount of money in a test pile program at the early stages, millions were saved in the deep foundation work designated for driven piling.