Environmental Foundation Solution – Serpentine 2010

Environmental Foundation Solution – Serpentine 2010

Portfolio Categories: Modular and Temporary.

Close up of construction auger, industrial drilling rig making a hole in the ground

Close up of construction auger, industrial drilling rig making a hole in the ground

GTL commissioned to design foundation solution for Jean Nouvel’s Serpentine Gallery Pavilion April 2010

International foundation solution company GTL Partnership Ltd has been commissioned to provide a solution for this year’s Serpentine Gallery Pavilion designed by Jean Nouvel.

As a, Pritzker Prize winner and recipient of the RIBA Royal Gold Medal Jean Nouvel has won worldwide acclaim with magnificent structures including the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris and the extension of the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.

GTL have been commissioned to design, supply and install Helical (screw) piles. Once again, the use of GTL’s piles will benefit the project as the system proves to be the most sympathetic to the surrounding environment.

After the summer, the Pavilion will be sold, dismantled for re-erection by the new owners. The helical piles will be withdrawn and reused, thus providing a cost effective and 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly piling system.

GTL’s expertise in this area is such that they are fast becoming the go to company for such installations. This is the seventh Serpentine Gallery Pavilion they have been involved with in just five years, working with many acclaimed architects and engineers.

For this project GTL worked closely with Arup as the foundation advisors for the Pavilion.

“It is always a privilege to work with internationally acclaimed architects and individuals, the fact that this is Jean Nouvel’s first project in the UK is a real honour. Having been involved in many Pavilion structures we understand and appreciate that what we help construct is enjoyed by many people. We take great satisfaction and pride from the fact that this temporary London landmark, will be built on foundations designed and installed by GTL” GTL’s Managing Director Gavin Rixon explained.

The building consists of bold geometric forms, large retractable awnings and a freestanding wall that climbs 12m above the lawn, sloping at a gravity defying angle.

The Pavilion commission has become an international site for architectural experimentation and follows a long tradition of Pavilions by some of the world’s greatest architects.

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