Helical Pile Benefits

Helical piles make excellent low-impact foundation for projects that are located in environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetlands, riverbeds, prairies, or historical sites.

Speed of installation
typically, a standard 6m pile takes an average of ten minutes to install. This reduces contract time, on site preliminaries, speed to market and road/track closures amongst other factors.
Environmentally friendly
by reversing the installation process the helical pile can be decommissioned and re-used leaving a Greenfield site.
Restricted access
Segmented sections for reduced head heights – piles can be installed under pipe racks and in basements.
No Concrete
no curing time so loads can be applied immediately.
Reduced Environmental Impact
Installation procedure produces minimal vibration and noise, allowing installation close to noise sensitive areas and night time operations.
No spoil
with the spiralling cost of muck away the solution proves to be financially and environmentally viable especially in contaminated ground.